How to resolve photographers pain-point with MyBizzhive's CRM

Photographer's 4 Most Common Pain Points - And How to Resolve Them

‘Change your lens, change your story’ - Many photographers have tried their luck with this tagline and turned out to be successful. But that was the story of the past. In modern days, when imagination sells like hotcakes, the scope of the photographic business is boundless and challenging too.

To deal with the time or work issues in this digital world, many are using CRM for photographers. More than a buzzword let’s see how a CRM comes into action during the testing times for a photographer. To get into the core, we have to address the pertinent pain points, business distractions, and some important client retrieval strategies for photographers.

The 4 main pain points a photographer faces:

1. Being undervalued

It is a very common business practice to compare the business without analyzing the quality of your work; the photography business is not an exception. Getting entangled in a group of unprofessional photographers is quite natural in this niche, and finding a way out of it is a thing of smartness. Personal branding in elite fashion with all masterpiece work across different digital platforms has proven to be a wise solution.

2. Workflow challenges

Clinging on to your passion, and handling the business aspects like marketing and management will turn out to be painful sticking; at least for a few. Taking your photographic career to the next level calls for up-to-the-minute advancements in the field of SEO, Blogging, marketing, and story building. You can put a full stop to all these hassles by finding the best CRMs for photographers.

3. Finding clients

In a competitive industry like photography, getting a handful of clients is bliss. If you are a fresher in the field, referrals, word of mouth, and even paid promotion will be some of the best-suited client-hunting strategies. Taking care of each client in unique ways will be the finest futuristic thought for your client wooing strategy.

4. Managing the clients

The very common still very least addressed pain in photography is managing /following up with the clients. Taking care of different stages of client interactions manually will leave behind some intricacies. In such scenarios, you can never anticipate effective customer follow-up, and end up with poor customer retrieval. So, it brings out the need for effective client management software for photographers.

Why you are out of focus?

All the above-mentioned common discomforts converge to a single pain point for the photographer; that is getting out of focus. When the responsibilities are many, it is natural that you get fumbled upon them. The hours that must be most productive, may get spoiled on a trivial task alone.

Prioritization proves to be the efficient mantra in such cases; especially when you are a fresher in the field. In view of efficient time management, you can try concentrating on three main areas:

List out all your tasks and grid them according to priority. Do the most urgent task immediately and meticulously plan for the important ones. The tasks, in which you are not savvy or require strategic approaches, outsource them to the specialists so that the precious hours of yours will be yours alone!

Clients- anchor stones of your business

As time flies, your business becomes accustomed to so many intuitive customer-winning strategies, but all are based on loyalty programs and relationship management. This means that the business must keep a close eye on its customers' behavior in order to maintain a successful relationship. If the business does not stay on top of its customer relationships, it will likely lose out to competitor businesses that do.

Expecting new customers every day seems to be a wild fantasy. Rather maintaining a long-term relationship with the current customer is more beneficial and practical. With word-of-mouth publicity or referrals from existing clients, you can win new business while still providing excellent service to your current clients. Loyal customers are the backbone of any successful business, so don't neglect them in favor of chasing new business.

Role of CRM in loyalty management

Over 70% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand if it has a good loyalty program. This means that loyalty programs can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses, as they can not only help to build brand loyalty among customers but also encourage customers to spread the word about the brand to their friends and family.

The recent statistics annotate the need for supreme loyalty management strategies. Implementation of the best photography client management software across your business will always be an add-on.

The CRM keeps customer information like contact details and important personal details like birthdays and anniversaries. You can make use of such data in the following contexts of your lead management program to improve customer relations and conversions. The CRM can also help you segment your customers according to specific criteria, and target them with personalized marketing messages. This way, you can further improve your customer relationships, and increase the chances of making a sale.

• Personalization

If your CRM can send reminders regarding the birthdays or anniversary dates of the clients, you can make personalized emails to them. Any gift vouchers or discount offers on those days will make them feel really special. Believe it; a lifelong bonding is going to happen in your business.

• Tracking

Many of the customer data undergo periodical updates and if you are not on the correct track of follow-up, you may lose those customers. An address change or job change can be recorded in your CRM for better business engagement. Making a note of their booking histories will help you to set up personalized plans for each customer even before they realize their needs.

• Feedback of your customer

As a photographer, conducting surveys and collecting feedback from the clients enrich your customer retention strategies. All the well-crafted photographic client management software generates automated survey forms for users. Getting the appropriate feedback about your photography business will help you to improve the quality of work knowing the customer's interests. The enhanced customer satisfaction can be ensured through such feedbacks. Apart from this, the customers get a feel of personal care and high business values.

Pro- tips to scale your photography business

Heuristic learning approaches, competitive services, and adherence to the trending technology together establish an ideal photography business. Here are some pro-tips that can be adapted to your industry to flourish it.

  • Be an authority of theme-based photography
  • Build a strong digital presence
  • Brand yourself across different social media platforms
  • Bring the best automation tools for lead generation, scheduling, and client management.

In a nutshell

Photography is no longer a game of clicks and edits. The journey from a photographer to an established photography business requires great patience and tactics. In the digital era, automation tools and software play a vital role in business scaling. The best CRM for photographers are efficient lead generators and predict customer behavior in excellent ways. All the essential tasks such as appointment scheduling, billing, survey form generation, and feedback collection can be well managed by the photography CRMs. They can address all your pain points in ideal ways, taking your photography business to the next level.